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How it works

My Camino Jewellery started out selling travel bracelets and, because of our links with Spain, we sold bracelets based on El Camino de Santiago - the Way of St James.

This has now developed into a full Camino jewellery shop / website with a range of both traditional / spiritual Camino de Santiago jewellery, as well as inspirational Camino jewellery, with particular emphasis on jewellery to wish someone safe travels - whether on El Camino itself, or on some other journey or trip (or indeed, along life’s metaphorical ‘Camino’ itself).

But the principal is still to help people achieve their travel (and other) dreams with jewellery that actually means something - based on the philosophy and traditions of the famous Way of Saint James.

Because most of the jewellery pieces are based on El Camino, they would make great leaving presents for someone going travelling. In fact, much of the jewellery originates in Galicia or Asturias, close to the El Camino route, handmade by artisans of the region.

Some of the Camino jewellery comes from our Spanish gift shop but it still adheres closely to the ideals of the Camino de Santiago: It is intended to remind people of their convictions - giving them confidence and encouragement to achieve their goals.


 St James bracelet


* We include a small Information card free with each traditional Santiago jewellery order, with brief details about El Camino / The Way, St James and Santiago de Compostela. For example:


In line with the simple principles of El Camino, all orders are shipped in a modest white linen "My Camino Jewellery" bag

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