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Jewellery to keep me safe

“Jewellery to keep me Safe” is jewellery with symbolic significance that people put their trust in to help protect them against adversity

We all want to feel safe as we go about our daily lives and to be protected from dangerous things or events and to stay out of harms way - especially in the current world in which we live. And most of us take the care to ensure that we do our best in this respect. But does this include wearing a piece of jewellery to keep us safe? For most people, probably not.


But, if you are reading this, it is likely that you are looking for just such a thing! and surprisingly perhaps, we think we can help!

So what exactly IS something termed “Jewellery to Keep me Safe”? And what jewellery do we have in our  STORE  that can be classed in this category?

On the whole, we think that “Jewellery to keep me Safe” is jewellery with a symbolic value in which people can put their faith and their belief to help them feel protected and secure. And, more often than not, this is based on something religious.

Here at My-Camino-Jewellery, we concentrate on the Christian faith, because it is that on which the Camino de Santiago, the Way of Saint James, is founded, and the origin, the rational, of our website and shop.

Faith and protection

Christian Faith jewellery features the Latin Cross, and representations of Christ, the Crucifix and various Saints - including those Christian Saints who are said to act as guardians and guides like St. Michael, for example, St Benedict and St Christopher (for those who are travelling). In the Catholic faith, the Virgin Mary also features strongly, and in the Anglican faith the Christian Fish symbol is also well-known. Some people like to put their faith in so-called Guardian Angels too.

St James Cross scallop shell pendant

Safe journey

In Spain (where our shop began), two more symbols feature very strongly because of “El Camino de Santiago”, and they have become particularly prominent in the last century or so: The Cross of St James (Cruz de Santiago, in Spanish) and the Concha Scallop Shell symbol of “The Way” (as well as the Yellow Arrow symbol chalked on numerous waymarkers along the route as an indicator of the path to follow).

In our   SHOP  we stock quite a few jewellery pieces bearing Christian symbols but, overall, we concentrate on jewellery that features these symbols of this Way of Saint James journey on pendants, necklaces, cufflinks, bracelets and earrings.

Travellers Cross cufflinks

We also stock jewellery featuring the Travellers Cross © symbol comprising a St James cross encircled with the outline of a Scallop Shell. This has proved very popular as a gift for people who are travelling on a journey - whether on the Camino itself across Spain / France / Portugal, or just going on a trip abroad, a student on a gap year, for example, or a holiday or business trip. And the essence of these gifts has been as jewellery for protection: It appears that many people like to give a present to someone travelling on a trip to say “Stay Safe” , “Be Careful” and “Look after yourself.” In fact, we have a range of jewellery featuring this Travellers Cross dubbed “sAfe Jewellery“ and you can see examples of that in our  SHOP  online.

Travellers Cross dog tag

Stay safe jewellery for yourself

You can buy this sAfe Jewellery © for yourself . . or you can give it as a gift to someone travelling or embarking on something new, risky or dangerous.

For yourself, this so-called “Jewellery to keep me safe“ can be a great filip for self-assurance, and a booster of confidence for general safety on life’s Camino, especially when out-and-about and away from home. 

Girl with jewellery for safekeeping

Gifts to say Stay Safe

For friends and colleagues (ie when given as a gift) it can be a meaningful present to say “Take Care” “Be safe” and “I am thinking of you” - as well as to say: “I am here to help and support you if you want anything”. And it needn’t be just for someone travelling - it could be applicable to someone starting something new like a new job, for example, especially if the work has an element of danger associated with it such as in the Police Force, the Army, Navy or Air Force, or even as a Fisherman, Steel Worker, etc, to hope that they stay out of harms way, and are protected when in dangerous situations.

Soldier with safe dogtag necklace

We find customers buying such presents for people in non-dangerous instances as well, like going to a new school or University for the first time, beginning a new career, or other new starts in life, as a friendly gesture of understanding and well-wishing and to pass on hopes that they stay out of trouble. Also, as a gift for someone who finds themselves struggling with life at the moment . . with their marriage, their relationships, their job (like facing redundancy): Perhaps they are having to take early retirement, have money worries and are feeling insecure. A little gift of a piece of jewellery like this can say “I’m with you”.

Lady climber with Travellers Cross

Safe and secure

So, in general, our “Jewellery to keep me safe” is aimed at meeting the needs of spiritually-minded people who are looking for jewellery to help them feel a bit more protected and secure in their lives . . and we recommend it!